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benalmadena restaurant
Parque de Paloma restaurant
Parque de Paloma benalmadena restaurant

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Ask what todays Boccadilla Special is

With Jamon & Olive Oil

With Goats Cheese & Red Onion

With Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork & Cheese

With Mozzarella, Tomato & Balsamic Glaze

With Southern Fried Chicken & Cheese


Malibu Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice, Milk & Fresh Cream

Spanish Cava mixed with your choice of Fruit

Smirnoff Vodka, Passion Fruit Liqueur, Pineapple Juice & Spanish Cava

Smirnoff Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur & Pineapple Juice

Bacardi Rum, Triple Sec, Fresh Pineapple & 7Up topped with Cava

4.95 / 9.95 Jug€

Aperol Liqueur mixed with Oranges, Lemons & Spanish Cava

Bacardi Rum, Fresh Strawberries, Lemon Juice & Simple Syrup

Bacardi, Smirnoff, Larios, Tequila & Triple Sec with Lemons, Limes & Coca Cola


Bacardi Blanco, Fresh Limes & Fresh Mint topped with Tonic - Add Blueberry, Passion Fruit or Strawberry for €1

Jose Cuervo Tequila, Fresh Lime Juice & Simple Syrup - Add Blueberry, Passion Fruit or Strawberry for €1

Jack Daniels, Orange Bitters & Sugar served over an Ice Sphere - Make it Smoked for €1 and/or Upgrade to Gentleman Jack for €1

Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Tia Maria, Simple Syrup & an Espresso Shot

Amaretto, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup & an Egg White

Caramel Vodka, Chocolate Liqueur & Fresh Cream

4.95/9.95 Jug€

Larios Gin, Lemon Juice, Premium Strawberry Compote & Lemonade

Smirnoff Vodka, Tia Maria, Vanilla Ice Cream & Milk

Smirnoff Vodka, Baileys, Chocolate Liqueur, Vanilla Ice Cream & Milk

4.95 / 9.95 Jug€

Large Larios Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Raspberry Liqueur, Fresh Raspberries & Peach Bitters

4.95 / 9.95 Jug€

Large Larios Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Strawberry Liqueur, Fresh Strawberries & Orange Bitters

4.95 / 9.95 Jug€

Large Larios Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Kiwi Liqueur, Fresh Kiwi & Lime Juice

4.95 / 9.95 Jug€

Large Larios Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Blackberry Liqueur, Lemon Juice & Fresh Blueberries


Large Jägermeister with 1/3 can of Red Bull

A double layered shot of Amaretto & Baileys

Tequila mixed with Orange Juice & Grenadine

A double layered shot of Tia Maria & Baileys

A large measure of Frozen Italian Limoncello

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice & Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Pineapple & Passion Fruit Juice

Fresh Blueberries & Apple Juice

Fresh Mint & Lime Juice topped with Lemonade & Crushed Iced

Fresh Strawberries with Apple Juice & Crushed Iced

Tanqueray 0.0% Gin, Blackberry Syrup, Fresh Blueberries & Tonic

Tanqueray 0.0% Gin, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Kiwi & Tonic

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